Photo by  Jonny Mack

Photo by Jonny Mack


Matt has worked as a journalist, digital archivist, and podcast producer and host. He is also a photographer, civil-war living historian, singer, and wedding officiant. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Matt is the author of Interstate 69: The Unfinished History of the Last Great American Highway (Scribner 2010). Part history, part travelogue through the many places the so-called NAFTA Highway would transform forever: from sprawling cities like Indianapolis, Houston, and Memphis to the small rural towns of the Midwestern rust belt, the Mississippi Delta, and South Texas. Interstate 69 reveals the surprising story of how the extraordinary undertaking began, and introduces the array of individuals who worked tirelessly for years to build the road—or to stop it.

Matt has written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic magazine and CityLab, the Oxford American, Smithsonian, WSJ magazine, and The New York Times, and has reported on transportation and planning for the public radio program The Takeaway. He worked for ten years on staff at The New Yorker as an illustrations editor, the magazine’s first-ever multimedia editor, and the producer and host of The New Yorker Out Loud, the magazine’s first weekly podcast. He is at work on a book about a civil war regiment from Brooklyn.

AS A Digital Archivist

Matt has led major digitization projects at a number of venerable magazines — The New Yorker, Vogue, Esquire, Aviation Week, and Maclean’s — and has consulted on archive solutions and strategy for a number of nonprofits as well, including the Arcus Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, God’s Love We Deliver, Saint Ann’s School of Brooklyn, and the Kinsey Institute.

Contact : matt at matt dellinger dot com